Who's Talking

"Flo I use this product every day because it is very natural looking. And if you use the primer along with it, it's perfect. The brushes are excellent! Love them too. I used to use ……….., but like this much better." - Flo

"This is the first time I have tried this product. I really like the powder as it covers well and do not need to reapply during the day.It gives the skin a natural look. The brushes are excellent quality. I will continue to use this product." - Shirley

"I have been a………….. customer for many years and decided to try this product. I am just amazed; the product is excellent. It wears all day without having to re-apply the product. It gives my skin a natural look all day and provides great coverage. I would highly recommend you try this product." - CJ

"I wasn't so sure that the powder would cover as well as the other powdered make up I have used for years. But it covers beautifully. I find that after two hours of wearing it, it does tend to go into fine lines and the shine starts to come through. If it could stay on my face for eight hours then you would have a fabulous product. The first hour my face looked great! The brushes are some of the best I have ever used. One last thing, the powder does not keep the oil under control especially when you have to wear a moisturizer with sunscreen. When I opened the highlighter stick it was very runny when I first got it. However after a few days it seemed to have thickened up a bit, I like it very much and would order it again." - Dale

"The serum has a very distinctive "odour" and not a pleasant scent that I can tolerate. I couldn't use it at all. The eye cream left too much highlight under my eyes. The primer is on par with others I'm using." - Leah

"I ordered this kit and I am really pleased with the results so far (less than 3 wks). Noticed sun-spots are disappearing and so are the wrinkles! I really like the delivery system, fragrance and the price! This is a winner line! Thank you Joli …………." - Newbie