Our Story

Just Be Beautiful is a line of skin care and color cosmetic products created to help your skin achieve its optimal level of health and performance.  We are the only company in the world that has focused its entire product offering to improve, repair and protect the precious barrier layer of skin.  We have spent years researching and developing these revolutionary products.


The barrier layer of skin acts as the supreme protector to the inner layers of skin. Think of it as a barrier island protecting the mainland from damage and harm.  The skin is exposed to harm every single day; UV exposure, pollution, free radicals, even skin creams and makeup products can cause harm to the barrier, creating holes for the bad to get in and the good to get out. What gets out? Moisture!  Your skin produces its own moisture and it should stay in the skin to keep it plump and firm. When the moisture barrier is compromised, your natural moisture escapes.  Just Be Beautiful products contain clinically tested ingredients with proven results that improve the barrier function and increase your skin health beginning in the first hour of use.  Even our foundation makeup contains these incredible ingredients and all you have to do is put it on!