About Us



Joli Baker is an industry veteran with an impressive track record of continued success. Joli began her career in the health and beauty industry at Estee Lauder.    At the age of 18, while attending the University of South Florida, Joli began as a part time beauty advisor.  In the 16 successful years that followed, Joli was promoted 9 times with the Lauder companies to positions of increased responsibility. 

Joli ventured out on her own in 1999 starting Cosmetic Resources Inc.  This was her foray into the world of electronic media.  The focus of Cosmetic Resources was preparing, supporting and implementing all phases of TV retail shopping: guest preparation, product training, production and coordination.  

 In 2003 Joli became President of Pür Minerals Cosmetics.  At the time Pür was a fledgling, unknown start up with little sales.  She spent 7 years leading this brand from relative obscurity into a globally recognized consumer favorite in 5 countries on TV and in 1000+ retail outlets generating in excess of $30 million in retail sales annually.

Joli is a graduate of the University of South Florida in Tampa, Florida and resides in

Marietta, GA with her husband Bob and son Andrew.


Life can be complicated, beauty doesn’t have to be.  A long time ago I read a quote by Mahatma Gandhi, he said “Be the change you want to see in the world”. This has stayed with me all these years.  I think perhaps I was just too busy and self-absorbed to do anything with it.  I have finally realized that life is good when you are at peace with who you are. That should begin with the reflection you see in the mirror.  You should be able to smile at what you see.  Do you smile at yourself?  Not many people do.  Our philosophy is simple, Smile back and pay it forward.  Be the change you want to see.  Here’s what we believe; Beauty is a state of mind.  See it, love it and Just Be.


 We see smiles, we hear laughter, and we feel love.  If your wish list mirrors ours, join the family, uncomplicated your life.


Make the world more beautiful one smile at a time.  Start with the one you see in the mirror.