Just Be Beautiful 6-Piece Color Collection (Foundation)

Just Be Beautiful 6-Piece Color Collection (Foundation)

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Be Finished, Skin Perfecting Foundation:

Allows you to choose your coverage.  Do you like a featherweight, barely there coverage-no problem.  Are you dealing with tricky skin that needs extra help-no problem.  This skin finisher allows buildable coverage. You now have complete freedom.  It’s like wearing nothing at all.

Foundation Brush:

Use the FOUNDATION brush in the same manner, then end by simply blending the foundation brush across the entire face. The foundation will look like you can see through it but camouflages the imperfections.  Sheer genius!

Handi Helper Brush

There are 2 brushes that perfect the application of Be Finished foundation.  The small brush HANDI-HELPER is used first. Simply touch it onto the surface of the powder and then stipple (dot, dot, dot) the brush onto the skin where you like more coverage; places like the nose, chin, cheeks, dark or red spots.

VA VA Voom Mascara: (Two)

State-of-the-art mascara that exceeds the capabilities of other mascaras available in the market.  The formula contains Crotein Cashmere.  Imagine treatment mascara!! Crotein Cashmere is an amino acid complex produced by careful hydrolysis of the keratin fibers of cashmere wool.  Due to its low molecular weight, these amino acids are capable of penetrating the hair cuticle which helps to prevent breakage and premature fall out.  The amino acids are capable of moisturizing from within. This formula allows you to build the amount of drama you wish on your lashes.  The lashes always remain soft and luxurious, never hard and sticky.  Super lengthening and thickening in a water-resistant formula provide you with the “perfect” mascara.

Under Cover Agent Skin Perfecting Primer:

Our primer takes the place of several products.  It regulates the skin to a more normal state - not too oily, not too dry.  It camouflages spots and discolorations, lessens the appearance of pores and blurs fine lines and wrinkles.  In addition to this, the formula contains tiny color beads that burst when rubbed onto the skin, with the unique ability to self-adjust to your skin’s natural color.  All of these features make this perfect to wear alone as a light coverage tinted foundation or as a primer under any foundation you chose.


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